Integrated Commercial Excellence(ICE™)

We help our clients improve their Sales & Marketing performance.

We take commercial excellence development and implementation beyond a simple functional focus.

Margin diagnostics

Be better and achieve more

Tracking performance, as an alternative to the tradition of financial reporting, focusing within geographical regions, sectors, products, and most important customers, as opposed to units or divisions to drive a more customer-oriented approach in the decision-making process within various levels of the organization.

We consider this as an attempt to have a more “outside-in” view on data, driving a more customer-oriented approach in the decision making process of the organization.

Pricing policy

Mastering the art of pricing to improve profits

In this area, according to global benchmarks, there are three approaches and a company should be able to manage them all. First, cost-plus is figuring out the company’s total cost and then adding a “markup” to get a specific return. The second approach is index pricing, which makes price adjustments as the price of materials or services fluctuates. The last approach is a competitor-focused pricing, which makes an informed guess on what the competitor is taking for a given product.

Customer segmentation 

Increase growth and create great customer experience

Customer portfolio analysis and segmentation which is a shift from market segmentation to customer segmentation implies working with value propositions transforms from being developed and communicated to the market based on researched demand, to being developed and created in collaboration with key clients, and then leveraged across the segment to other customers.

Program management

Realise the full potential of your commercial organization

Within our client base, the key to commercial excellence is to drive it as a series of prioritized activities. Implemented initiatives deliver value, not the conceptual thinking in itself. Executing a commercial excellence program often takes years; therefore, it is important to harvest short-term benefits and margin improvements as we aim for a long-term competitive position within our customer segments.